Reno Omokri wey be Person wey dey advice Oga Goodluck Jonathan wey bin be Nigeria Presido, don yan say, some girls no get shame again, after dem use dia nyash do kolanut for dia boyfriends dem go still dey wear white for dia wedding.

Him talk an say, some girls suppose to dey wear red clothdey do wedding based on say, dem no be Virgins and nogo be Virgins again.

Omokri don talk say,

“Sexual organ be wetin suppose be Bus-stop for spouse, wey be people wey dey relationship, but say, dis girls wey no dey shame again to lose dia virginity don turn am highway for dia boyfriends, and kolanut for dia everyday visitors.

“Dis girls suppose dey feel  shame for dia lives, but di virginity wey dem dey lose na wetin dem dey use now dey claim big girls.

“Di better gift wey woman suppose give him partner for marriage be virginity as e go make di relationship dey tight.

Reno Omokri don ask say,

“Di white wey some girls still dey wear to wedding, wetin e mean? After di guy don see your bottomless pit finish.

“Virginity deymake woman get respect from her husband and di man nogo get bad mind to dey look for another woman. If you no be Virgin, and you go marry Virgin guy, wetin you wan make him do? Di guy nogo Trust you at all.”

Omokri cum talk again for di matta, say, na red fit some babes, as e go show di bad bad things wey she don do with her body.


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