People wey dey use Glo mobile network for four local government areas for Ondo State for about two weeks now never fit use dia network as d 33 network stations for d areas don shut down by d security men wey in charge. 

D four local government areas wey e affect na: 

1. Akoko North-East

2. Akoko North-West

3. Akoko South-East 

4. Akoko South-West Local Governments

As reports put am, na based on d protest wey bin dey unto say glo never pay d security guys dia salaries for 11 months now, na why dese guards come lock d place up.

Na about 66 guards bin dey dia but some of dem follow talk say d security company dey owe dem 11 months salary, dem no fit cope again.

“Na unto say dem never pay us our salaries na why we dey shut down the stations we dey guard. We don contact our employer, Concord Security Limited for Akure but our boss, Mr. Friday tell us say Glo dey owe am dat na why him dey owe us too.

“We now dey beg d Ogas dem for Glo Telecommunicaton say make dem pay our company make dem for pay us too. We dey collect N10,000 as salary every month, you go see say na very shikini money but we dey manage am, yet dem come dey owe us untop, e dey very unfair”

D General Manager of Concord Security Company, wey dem identify as Mr. Friday talk say true true d company dey owe d security guards. 

As Daily Post put am, d man talk say him dey owe d workers dem unto say Glo dey owe am too, but say dem don settle d matter. 

Friday explain say;

“ We dey owe dem, we no dey deny am; na cos of d money wahala wey we dey experience for Naija so na imm cos am. Our customer, Globacom dey owe us 16 months and but we bin don pay d security reach 11 months. I don follow dem talk say e no dey for our mind to owe dem based on say we be contractors. When our clients pay us, we go  pay our workers.”



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