Senate don talk sa dem go arrest di man wey be Inspector General for Nigeria Police people Oga Ibrahim Idris if him no wan face Senate adhoc committee next week for di allegations wey dey on top am and him Police commission wey Senator Misau open dia nyash for dia secrets

Person wey be di Chairman for di adhoc committee, Senator Francis Alimikhena, talk say, dem don ask Police Inspector General to appear before di adhoc committee on 16th October, for dia panel make him talk him own for di allegations wey Senator Misau package keep on top him head, but him no come.

Wetin Inspector General for Nigeria police people do, be say him write letter give Senate and tell dem say di matta don enter court

Di adhoc committee chairman don quote Section 89 for di 1999 Constitution as dem amend am say, nobody, even di law court go stop Senate people to do dia work as di separation for power wey dey don already make am dey important well well

Senator Misau bin accuse dis police IG well well wey concern how him dey collect money dey promote people and also how him dey use police women dey enjoy like fresh fish wey no get bones.

As di tori dey, Senate don call am to come defend himself or him go taste di things wey him dey do another person.


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