Person wey be chief for navy people, Ibok-Ete Ibas,don talk say, Nigerian Navy don prepare well well to deal with Avengers I dem try anything wey resemble bomb on pipelines

Ibas talk am on Monday wen him visit Nigerian Navy Engineering College wey dey Sapele for Delta State.

Dis guy don talk am after dis guy men wey be Avengers talk say, dem no fit surrender again for di pipeline dem dey blow based on say, Nigerian government dey evil and dem dey do ethnic government.

Dis people wey don destroy plenty oil pipeline don swear say, over dia body wey go die, dem go start bloody attack for Nigeria again.

Did man talk say, dem nogo wait till di time wey dis guys go start dey bomb di pipelines but say, dem go do something before dem start to secure dia country property.

Him talk say, navy for Nigeria dey protect life and properties and say dem go do am.

Him talk say navy dey fight sea Robbers, sea pirates, Avengers and other plenty criminals and go make sure say, dem go fight dem well well.

“As e be, any threat wey dey against Nigeria nogo work, based on say, we go make sure say we protect di country and we go do am with new strategy wey we don get . ”

Ibas talk say, we go start di” Principle Regime Strategy “again, based on say, di one we bin do for International oil company work well well.

” Di matta be say, di checkpoint management go stop di threat and anything wey go hapun based on di threat “.

WE GO DEAL WITH UNA – Navy Don Give Avengers Warning


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