As UN people don tell Naija government, sey, make dem stop Arewa quit notice, and arrest d people, wey tell igbo people, to comot from dem place,or dem go kill dem; as e dey for International Human Rights Standard, and for Justice to dey, dem kom yan sey, dem go son enta Naija for Biafra Referendum..

As d matta don dey now,d people , wey be, United Nations Correspondent Association , don yan sey, UN go soon enta Naija for Biafra Referendum, based on sey, d level wey Biafra agitation, by IPOB, wey Nnamdi Kanu be dem Oga, don reach, for SouthEast, be dem concern now.

D UNCA, yan sey,

“UN don send 8 persons, wey dey prepare dem documents, dem go use do d referendum for Biafran people, for Igbos to decide where dem wsn dey, whether Naija, or dem wan dem own country, Biafra”. 

UN don already accuse Leaders, wey dey North, sey, dem dey support Arewa Youths, to kill Igbo people, wey dey dem place, dey do business, as dem write am for d letter, wey UN Secretary give Naija government, for dem 93rd session, July 31st,and August 25,2017.

According to UNCA, Buhari cabal, don dey do get information, sey, dem go kom do Referendum, but, sey, Buhari cabal, dey try hard, make dem stop d Referendum.




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