Oga kpatakpata, for Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi, Nnamdi Kanu, don yan sey, him no dey fear Naija Government, sey, dis na wetin hapun, between Prophet Elija, and Prophet of Baal. Him tok sey, as d lord, dey by dem side, as him don show dem, by him light for Aba, wen dem dey do rally, sey, dem go still know d God wey be God, whether na Christ, or Allah.

Kanu for Aba, yan sey, anybody, wey dey follow God, go know him right, and left, and him nogo dey ashamed to tok true, and him, nogo loose, for him fight wey concern justice.

Mazi, Kanu, wey meet Aba, Indigenous People Of Biafra, kom tell him people, sey, make dem no fear Naija Government, wey don throw away, God, and no get fear of God, for wetin dem dey do, as some people, dey compare God, to Allah.

Him yan sey, ChukwuOkike Obiama, don show sey, him dey support dem movement for justice, as him open heaven, and show him light to d people.

Mazi Kanu,  kom yan am again, sey, IPOB no dey carry any weapon, or Arms, and dem no dey ready, to dey carry gun, but, based on sey, dem go use wisdom, liberty, knowledge, destroy weapons wey Naija military, dey use dey attack Biafran people.

Him yan sey, na our papa, wey no get sense, and brain, wey dey carry big belle around, , make our life to be as e be now.

Him yan sey, we nogo accept am again, as our mama, carry us 9 months, as dem mama carry dem. Youth own mama, carry dem 9 months gool. wey Arewa Youths



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