Naija Army, don tok sey, dem go start operation crocodile smiles, for SouthSouth, and SouthWest very soon, wen dem finish operation Python Dance for SouthEast.

Brig. Gen, Sani Usman, wry be director for army Public Relations, yan dis tori, wen News Agency of Naija Country interview am.

Him yan sey,

“E dey bad sey, certain groups, dey do nonsense things for Naija Country, and dey try make Naija Army dey against dia society “

” E dey sad, and dry unfortunate “

As him dey react, for d wahala wey dey Aba, him yan sey, Army people go, go ahead with dia Python Dance, wey start on Friday.

Him yan again sey

” Things wey dey hapun for Aba, be small matta, but na people make am big thing “

” As we go finish Python Dance, we go start crocodile smiles, for SouthSouth, and SouthWest, as army go use am do training, as dem dey do for Aba”

We go do dis one, for SouthSouth, and SouthWest , wey we go involve two divisions – 6-Division,and 81-Division.

Him kom yan sey, na wetin we go do, and nogo stop am at all. 


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