People wey be Nigerian Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services talk say goat milk na di milk wey dey good well well for body and say e dey good pass cow milk and also dey help person grow well well.

Dis people for dia factsheets on Thursday, talk say goat milk get protein, amino acids well well pass cow own, and dey give vitamin A wey cow milk no fit give well.

Dia fact sheet talk say, goat milk get calcium and phosphorus wey dey high, wey dey help make bone dey strong well well and dey make person ti dey punch people anyhow.

Di tori be say, goat milk also get iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and get plenty antioxidant activity.

Better thing wey dey for goat milk be say, protein wey dey for goat milk dey digest very fast pass cow milk wey dey stay long before dem digest.

Di matta be say, Nigerian people no like dey drink goat milk based on say, e dey make person wan vomit and dey bitter for mouth. But di matta be say, make dem clean di breast well with water wey dey warm and use brush brush am well as e go make am no dey bitter.

Dem talk say,

“Make  people dey clean di goat breast well, as e go make di breast no get bitter taste wen dem go dey drink am ”

“Wen dem finish to comot di milk, make dem cool am for 17c, as e go make am no get enzyme wey go make am dey smell, and e go make di milk no lose  fat wey e carry, and go make am get betta flavour for di milk.

“Di female goats dey produce pheromones and wen dem dey close to male goat di male goat odour go enter di milk.

Fi matta be say, make people dey keep does and bucks for separate place, and dem suppose dey allow dem to meet for di time dem wan born, as e go remove di goat flavour.




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