Di person wey be Aide to Akwa Ibom state Governor, Sampson AKPAN don give order to police people to arrest One comfort FM on air personality, George Essien as him talk say di guy no get permission from him before him travel.

Media people bin dey talk say na Senator Effiong Bob be di Person wey give di order,but di matter be say,no be am,but na Sampson AKPAN carry mind send policemen to arrest dis guy for comfort FM station.

George Essien wey be di comfort FM OAP,talk say,him get permission from di station Manager, Wenigha Jackson wey tell am say,make him go di Lagos based on say George get family matter him suppose settle.

Godwin Jarko wey be di person wey gather di tori talk say,George travel on 18th December, and come back on 25th December, make him start him usual works,  na there policemen wey dey for C’Division, for Aka-Etinan ,Akwa Ibom state come hollam for him trousers and arrest am.

Wen George ask dem di person wey give dem order to arrest am ,di police talk say na director. Him come bring out plenty pictures, policemen talk say di person no dey there, him bring out Sampson picture, dem agree say na him.

Di matter come enter part two, as him radio people for other stations come block everywhere say, dem must release am .wen police release am, the secret come open.


TheMail newspaper, don carry am Say, Sampson dey serve Akwa Ibom governor,Deacon Emmanuel Udom as SA on Electronic Media and still dey work as Comfort FM executive director wey dey against Government policy.

Him still get official car for Comfort FM and collect another official car from Governor, Udom.

Dis guy don plan to remove Eddy Ekpenyong as him say,Eddie Ekpenyong dey “AKBCish”, and say him go make comfort FM dey archaic like AKBC.




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