Grace Mugabe wey be wife to presido for Zimbabwe,  Robert Mugabe, don d fear make police no arrest am for d beating wey she beat South African model,Miss Gabriella Engel, as she don give money, make d 20 years old girl wey she hit for head, on sunday, drop d court mata wey she get against her.


Police don yan sey, dem dey alert for d mata, as dem nogo allow Grace Mugabe comot for South Africa as d paper wey dem go use arrest her don dey ready.

Engel kom yan sey, she don suffer injury wey enta her head and dey for d front of her face, as d thing kom make am go open case for court for Grace Mugabe.

She kom meet people wey d gather tori with bandage wey dey her head, kom yan sey:

Gerrie Nel, wey be person wey d prosecute mata for court, and wey be d person wey prosecute paralympian based on sey him kill him girlfriend kom yan sey :

“people don meet Engel family, make her family collect money and close d court mata”

“Dem kom tell dem sey, make we tok, so dat d mata go die for court, but dem no mention any money of any kind, as Engel kom disagree for d money mata, and yan sey, she nogo gree”

“D family no get any interest for dat money”, as Nel kom tok am.

South African Police don yan sey, Grace Mugabe wey kom to check her leg joint,  don d look for protection wey go cover her for d mata.

D Hotel wey d mata hapun, be where her two sons dey.

Nel kom yan sey, d officer wey d handle d mata, don tell Engel make she go sign for paper wey go give dem order to arrest Mugabe’s wife.

Nel also kom d speak for Afriforum wey be Pro-Africaner civil Right Organisation wey d help people wey get wahala with people, make dem help Engel, as she yan sey, her own be sey, she go get justice for Engel.

“We wan make sure sey, everybody dey equal for law, as law nogo d select people wey him go punish “. 

D south African people don block everywhere, make Mugabe wife no get protection wey go make her get power against arrest.

CEO for Afriforum don yan sey, Grace Mugabe no dey untouchable, sey, dem go make am face court judgement.

Engel mother kom tok sey, “Eehee!  Na now wey i get people wey d tok for me, na d time wey i go sleep very well. “

I neva know sey, dis woman nogo go free for wetin she do my daughter”. 

D mata don cause wahala between South Africa and Zimbabwe, for how dem d relate for politics and economy.

Presido for Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, kom enter south Africa on Wednesday, before Saturday, wey dem meeting, and people kom d tok sey him kom, so dat him go discuss d mata witb Jacob Zuma, wey be South African presido.



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