As e be, gunmen don kill people wey reach 27-persons for di shooting wey hapun for Sutherland Springs, Texas, United States, and plenty people get wound for dia body.

CNN report say, di guy wey shoot di gun for di church don die as people chase am go Guadalupe County, based on wetin dia Guadalupe County Sheriff Office person wey dey speak for dem Robert Murphy talk .

Di Sheriff man talk say, e no dey clear whether di guy kill himself or people kill am or police kill am but say, police don carry him body.

Di tori be say, FBI don dey check di place wey dis shooting hapun based on wetin di person wey dey speak for Michelle Lee talk for di FBI office wey dey San Antonio field.

TEXAS local police don also follow dey chook eye for di place wey di shooting hapun wey be First Baptist Church, na wetin one person wey see di shooting talk.

Di witness, wey be cashier for one gas station wey dey across di Street, wey dey near di church, talk say she hear about 20-gun shots for air wen di church dey do dia service by 11:30am for dia time.

Wilson County Commissioner, Albert Gamez Jr, tell CBS say, na 27-people die for di shooting.

Him talk say,
“We never get di full gist, but wetin dem tell me now be say, 27 persons die, people wey reach 20,25 get injury.

US President Donald Trump talk for him twitter say,
“I dey monitor di situation from Japan where I go for visit ”

Tori from people wey dey keep law for TEXAS talk say, na for morning wey one guy enter di church and start shooting people for di church anyhow by 11:30am for dia local time.

Di matta be say, Connally Memorial Medical Centre wey dey near Floresville, Texas, don dey “accept and dey check victims” from di Sutherland Springs church shooting, based on wetin di person wey dey speak for di hospital Megan Posey talk . Dem never know number of people wey di shooting affect.

As e dey, 8 patients dey University Hospital wey dey San Antonio, based on wetin di person wey dey speak for dem talk, wey be Leni Kirkman. Him talk say plenty people go still come as di matta still dey active.

Person wey dey speak for Brooke Army Medical Centre confirm di matta say, dem don receive people from di shooting but him no tell CNN di number of people dem receive.

Dana Fletcher, wey get business near di church tell , Fredricka Whitfield for CNN say, Sutherland Springs dey “very small” but “very tight-knit community.”


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