Gunmen Don Kill One pastor wey dey answer Oluwafemi Komolafe for Benin-Ijebu Ode Expressway for Ore wey dey Odigbo Local Government Area for Ondo State.

Di tori be say, dis pastor bin dey travel with him son, Timilehin, and dis bomboys, come stop dem for road. As dem kill dis pastor, dem carry him son go where people no know.

Di person wey be Ondo State Police Commissioner, Mr. Gbenga Adeyanju wey talk dis tori as him dey dicuss with tori people say, dem lose one officer too on di Wednesday wey di gbege hapun.

Him come talk say, police don rescue dis boy (Timileyin) and two other people wey follow for di vehicle wey dem kidnap also.

Him talk say,

“One Man wey be pastor dey travel with him son, and kidnappers stop dem for road and kill di pastor and carry him pikin go one place wey dem no know.

“Our men come follow traditional hunters enter di bush and attack di criminals wey make one police die for di gbege wey hapun.

Dis Cp Talk say, dis people dem rescue no get scratch at all. But one person wey follow for di people wey dem rescue no wan talk dia experience for di place di kidnapped keep dem.


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