Arsenal Boss , Arsene Wenger, Don talk say dia head no dey confuse again  based on say  Alexis Sanchez don comot di club go Manchester United.

Di Gunners beat Chelsae 2-1 for di Carabao Cup semi final for Emirates,and  e mean say dem go face Premier League leaders Manchester City for Wembley for di final.

Nobody score for di first leg for Stamford bridge but dem score three goals for second leg.

Chelsea be di  first people wey  score when Pedro give Eden Hazard correct pass and e put di ball inside Arsenal net.

But di Gunners come equalize when Nacho Monreal head Mesut Ozil corner, and di ball come bounce for Chelsea player Rudiger head, come enter net.

We no dey sure  before whether Nacho Monreal (l) go play di match after e get leg injury for di match wey Arsenal play against Crystal Palace for Premier League

Dis people win di match ,two days after Alexis Sanchez comot from  di club go Manchester United and Henrikh Mkhitaryan join Arsenal.

Mr Wenger say dem suffer small for January based on say di Sanchez transfer palava, but now, since di player don comot, dem no get confusion for head again  and dem know wetin dem suppose do now.

Dis one be di second goal wey Granit Xhaka don score for Arsenal dis season

“Alexis Sanchez na great player wey we loose but if team no sabi wetin dey happen for dressing room, e no go clear wetin dey happen and dem no go get focus for matches. Now we don sabi how we wan handle things.”

Di Carabao Cup na di only trophy wey Wenger never win since di 21 years wey im don dey Arsenal.


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