Herdsmen don kill 9 persons for Benue

Gunmen on Friday don kill 9 persons for Tse Ujoh community in Ikyurav-Tiev in Katsina Alla local government area Benue State.

Person wey dey there wen e dey hapun talk 12,and police talk 9.

Person wey see am yan say di Herdsmen enter like commando and start dey shoot anyhow.

Dis guy yan say, plenty people dey hospital and four don die.

Ontop di mata, di state Governor react and yan say na nine people die for di attack wey hapun for Katsina Alla axis.

Di governor yan say dem nogo accept dis nonsense attack again.

Him yan say, army people don go di place dis gbege hapun.

Him tell Katsina-Alla people say, dem don already arrest three people wey follow for di attack.


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