Senior Government Official on Wednesday talk say Zimbabwe don dey get plenty plenty cases of HIV and because of dat, Abacavier, wey be drug wey dem dey give patients, don scarce for market.

Dem dey give Abacavier to patients wey dey react to drug combinations.

The Herald report say d Secretary for Health and Child Care, Gerald Gwinji, yan say up to  35,000 patients na imm dey take Abacavier unto say d first line of treatment no work for dem. 

Him follow talk say as foreign currency dey increase, dem no dey see d drug again buy.

But, d National Aids Council don comot something wey dem call night HIV testing.

Harare provincial AIDS coordinator, Adonijah Muzondiona yan say dem do d programme wey be “moonlight testing’’  for people wey dem no fit test for day time unto some kind reasons.

Him yan say;

“We dey try make sure say everybody wey be HIV positive dey tested and dem start to dey give dem antiretroviral drugs sharperly,’’

More dan 1.2 million people dey live wit HIV for Zimbabwe.


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