Correct Ogbonge Online Hotel booking Platform wey be don sign agreement with Akwa Ibom state government sake on say the state government want make provide wetin dem call Remote Internship for akwa ibom people so dem fit promote local tech talent.

As e be sef, the ogbonge online hotel booking company get two remote internship programme wey dem dey run every year for everybody wey dey for dis our country so, but you see dis particular one wey dem sign agreement for so, na for only people wey dey for akwa ibom.

dem come up with dis programmme for people wey wan learn how to do correct computer software, user interface(UI) and user experience (UX), dem believe say dis kain problem go help improve dia skills.

This people wey go follow go dis programme , go get chance do collabo with other with other people, take care of real wahala, and get small small allawee as the programme dey go on.

Base on the tori wey the Commisioner wey dey untop science and technology matter and person wey represent Akwa Ibom state as dem sign the agreement , Dr. Nse Udo Essien, him yarn say 150-500 people go receive dis training, for dis 3 months, him still assure say the Ibom e-library go dey open for every body wey go come learn during dis time.

Oga Kpata Kpata for, Obong owo Mark Essien, been don yarn when him be guest for one programme wey happen inside techpoint office , him drop the gist say , dis internship na opportunity to plug into the global trend base on technology, him still yarn say the internship wey go cover everybody , say na december dem go announce am.

The Akwa Ibom remote internship program go start dis 1st september 2017 wey dey come so, and everybody wey get interest for the matter suppose first first register for Internship Portal and na only laptop be d only thing wey you need to qualify to join dis program.



We throway salute give d people wey write dis news before we yarn am for pidgin


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