Fake blind beggar wey him name na Abdullahi Abbas, wey dem catch for Ikorodu area for Lagos state yesterday, August 21st, don confess say him dey make between N5,500 and N8,000 everyday just say him na beggar.

Na one 12-year-old boy wey dem no gree mention him name bin dey epp Abdullahi to dey beg every day for First Gate and Odogunyan area wey dey Ikorodu.

Dem catch am yesterday after one person wey dey live for d area wey her name be Adeoye Baliks, follow am dey talk and him raise eyebrow. 

As Vanguard talk am, na imm she shout and den people wey dey pass come check d man come find out say true true him no blind.

As dem ask am questions, Abdullahi talk say him from Oyo state, and say him dey among one group of beggars wey dey pretend say dem get some kind illness just to collect money from people wey go pity dem. 

If no be as vigilante group members for the area ruah go d place, people wey gather bin wan burn d man already. 

Na dese vigilante people rescue am come hand am over to police for Sagamu.


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