Divorce decree, gavel and folder shot on warm wooden surface

Mrs Esther Adaramola wey be House wife, for Wednesday don gree say make she and her husband separate the marriage, base on say she no fit withstand her husband hunger for sex and gbese love making.

Esther wey testify for Akure Customary Court for Divore matter wey her husband ,Mr Michael Adaramola, sama accuse give the husband , say him too dey use plenty Manpower with other medicine wey dey increase stamina for sex .

As the woman even deny say na lie for the accuse wey her husband accuse her sey she dey dress anyhow, say the husband want make she dey wear only ‘Iro’ and ‘buba’ wey no be her own normal wear.

As she dey yan, she talk say her husband dey carry Vex wey him get for her dey give the children anything wey dem get any small Gbege.

Esther still come Yarn the court say, she no go fit withstand her husband ginger for sex after him go don take Manpower finish.

One of the wahala we get be sey, My husband dey use manpower dey take sex me , wey me i no like

Him want make we dey do different style of sex wey no make sense to me and i don tell am say i no fit dey do all dis tough style for sex.

The respondent still come show the court piece of drugs as evidence , say she no go drag the divorce

e go give me peace of mind self

Michael been don apply give court say him no dey ready for the 9 years marriage again base on sayhim wife  dey very sturborn and she dey sleep around.

Him still sama accuse give the wife sey she dey like dress anyhow, She like to dey wear cloth wey go show her body, cloth wey dey show some sensitive part for her body and she no dey gree hear words

She don form like habit to dey keep late night after she don close from work ,

The husband dey Yarn say  anytime wey him see him wife, him heart dey cut and e fit give am hypertension if him continue to dey stay with am

I no fit again as the matter be, i want make we divorce

The President for the court, Mr Ayodele Omotola, wey reserved Judgement go August 23, talk say the court go first consider the interest of the children

Him come ask make everybody (husband and wife) maintain peace before the date wey dem shift the case go.



Credit: punchng.com


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