Ogbonge Actor wey imm name na Majid Michel wey be say now him dey spend most of imm time dey preach word of God don comot kom talk sey imm no go dey kiss for any film wey imm dey act now.

From wetin imm talk, him sey Ghanaians don already dey judge am cos of d roles imm dey play for movies wey be sey no dey even dey real to am, sey hin no go dey accept dose kind roles again cos of sey d tin fit dey get effect for imm new assignment wey be sey imm na Evangelist now and also imm commitment to dey preach d word of God.

Majid wey be sey dey famous cos of imm good looks, and wey bin don show for plenty movies wey be sey na d ladies man role him dey like act, and him dey kiss wella. One of imm hot kiss scenes na with Mercy Johnson for ‘Shakira

Majid Michel bin talk dis one for interview wey imm get with Bryte FM unto d premiere of one upcoming movie wey be  ‘Adam The Eve‘ for Koforidua on Saturday, wey be October 14.



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