Kanye West don vex go file case for Lloyd head on Tuesday based on say e no wan pay am the $10 million wey dem suppose  pay am on top insurance issue  for him tour wer dem bin cancel say e get mental issue.

The rapper wer be 4o years don carry the case go court ontop Llyod head, after he no do him tour again based on say e be go Los Angele Clinic. this na based on the suit wer dey for Los Angeles Federal Court.

Kanye West don yan say dem never still pay him and him company, Very Good Touring Inc., and say dem know wetin dem dey do as dem dey waste time so.

Dem never talk any about why dem never pay sef or even wetin dey delay the payment… e mean say the way Kanye dey use igbo fit be one reason why dem no wan gree pay Very Good dia money” na wetin dem complain.

“Saint Pablo Tour” suppose happen until December 31 but the last 21 shows cor cast so and Kanye bin don already do insurance ontop the tour incase anything happen wer go make dem cancel am.

West bin make people happy for California, November last year with him speech wer e give cor talk say e no vot o, but e for support President-elect Donald Trump based on the matter say e like the way the guy dey yan well.

Dem bin cor later admit Kanye for hospital because some kind things wer e yan for stage no make sense at all. E talk say Him guy Jay Z bin dey send guys come kill am and e still talk say Facebook oga, Mark Zuckerberg no gree pay him $53 million wer he dey owe am.

One clelebrity news website, TMZ, bin carry talk say Kanye West doctor bin dey fear wella say e don get small sco-sco for head.

The rapper sha bin meet Donald Trump for December, and na the first time people see am since  ego hospital be that, but him wife Kim Kardashian bin no dey with am.


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