Person wey be governor for Benue State, Samuel Ortom don vex say, nothing like open grazing wey cows dey waka dey chop and dey destroy person farm and dey kill people wey go dey again as dem don already make di matta dia law in May 2017.

Di governor don tell him people on Wednesday early morning say

“Make I beg una wey be my people for dis state say, make una dey respect law and no dey put law for una hand as we don put people wey go dey handle di anti grazing law.

Di person wey gather di tori talk say, as him go Markurdi wey be di state capital, say everywhere dey calm. But wen him go di international cattle market wey dey north bank area for di capital city everywhere come dey hot for di matta.

All di cows dey dia ranches and some cows wey dey weak dey ground dey sleep.

Wen person wey be secretary, for di Cattle Dealers Association, Garuba Mohammad, talk to di person wey gather dis tori, him talk say, dey like “hard time” and talk say di law go affect dia business well well.

Him talk say, dia cows bin be dey chop for kilometer wey reach 2-kilometers but say di way di government carry vigilante people scatter everywhere don make dem lock dia cows.

Him talk say,
“As una dey see am, our cows dey down dey sleep based on say, dem need water and food. And di matta be say, we no fit go there based on say, dem don carry vigilante people scatter for everywhere based on di law.

Mohammad talk say, dia 72-members wey dey north bank dey fear based on say, dia cows go die within few days.

Dis man don tell di state governor and him government say, make dem provide water and water and grasses for dem o, or dem dem nogo obey di law.

Person wey be di Chairma for Joint Task Force for di enforcement on top di anti open grazing law, Col. Edward Jando (rtd.), talk say, di vigilante people dey do dia work and na final thing be dat.


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