Naija Presido, Muhammadu Buhari, don yan for im address wey im read for where dem dey celebrate dia country’s 57years independence, say, Igbo person be noise makers, and im (Buhari), know di Country well well, more dan any person.

Him talk say,

“Under my leadership, resources go dey, wey i go use dey support una work, well well”

“Make una stand very well, for unaselves, and for una Country “

” If una no stand firm, Naija Country nogo exist. If dem divide am, nobody or country go take any general to rule dem for dia Country “

” Make una dey loyal, from bottom to up, private to Lance corporal, sergeant, General and service chiefs “

” For di people wey dey talk say, dem wan divide from Naija Country, dem dey make noise. I know dis Country well well, as i follow fight for war, 30 months, from 1967-1970″

“People wey dey make noise now, no see war, and dem no know anything. Anything wey una dey do, make una know say, na front line wey una dey”

For wetin Naija Presido talk, every person don know say, dis man dey against Igbo people and no wan use im ear or eyes see igbo people, even as im don dey do am, for im 95%-5% favour, for im allocation and appointments


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