Naija Immigration Service (NIS) talk say dem don start to dey arrest wuruwuru  recruitment officers nd senior officers for dia service wey get hand for job racketeering.

Person wey give dis tori be Mr. Sunday James wey be NIS spokesperson, talk sey dia assistant comptroller (ACI) also get hand for dis matter as per sey imm b don dupe some innocent citizens, even lecturers nd imm family members.

Him follow talk say even after all dia warnings, some people still dey jonse for dis people hand.

Him follow talk say if anybody tell you say make u pay money so dem fit give you work for NIS, say make you run report d case or make dem call +234 (0)7080607900.

NAN report say NIS don start to recruit people for work after d gbege wey happen for dia 2014 recruitment wey be say some Naija people bin kpai.

The NIS comptroller -General don tell d people wey dey apply say no kind wuruwuru go dey order to avoid wetin don happen before.


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