Police for Enugu State don arrest one man wey use knife take shook one Ashawo wey him bin carry on Sunday, as him with d woman kon get small kwanta.

D Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) SP Ebere Amaraizu, for statement wey hin drop on Monday, yan say dis gbege happen for around 3:30 a.m. for Onuato Street, Enugu.

Amaraizu yan say d woman wey die bin follow d guy go him house based on say hin don book am for dat night na. Na for dia dey kon get small wahala wey enter fight, wey so make d woman die.

Him talk say d suspect bin carry d ashawo for Rangers Avenue on Oct. 22, and dem bin don agree say after dem do dia every every finish for night, him go pay am N4,000.

D PPRO kon quote d suspect wey tell am say him bin don high and say as dem reach house, based on say time don go na, him tell d woman make dem do sharp sharp as him blood bin dey hot na.

Amarizu kon yan say as him say make dem do na, d woman tell am say make she draw d thing wey she dey smoke finish, make she for fit dey mood for business.

D accused kon talk say after him don worry d girl tire and she no answer am, him just sleep go, wake up around 3am.

D Police spokesman kon yan say d man kon say make she comot from hin house based on say d reason why him bring am come house, she no gree do am.

Na so d woman say she nobdey go anywhere kon warn d guy say she no dey fear anybody o.

She kon rush go kitchen go carry knife after she bin don bite dia guy o.

D man still talk say na so two of dem start to dey fight, dey throwey blow and as d girl wan try shook an d knife for belle, him kon overpower am.

Amarizu still talk say d suspect confess say d kitchen knife enter her stomach straight and hin kon finally shook am for her neck side. . .Na so she take die.

D police spokesman kon talk say d accused later kon wrap her body, kon sharp sharp arrange to travel go Lagos.

As him take put am, na local vigilante people just sight d guy, start to dey follow am. suspect was nabbed, following a tip off from members of a local vigilante.

Him say dem bin don go carry d bidy feom hin house, carey go mortuary for Eastern Nigeria Medical Centre, Enugu, as dem still dey find more tori for dis matter.



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