Di Southern Indian state wey dey Telanagana don start dey use Drone dey video people wey dey Defecate for Street as e don make people stop dey Defecate for Street.

Di thing be say, dem no tell you say make you no Defecate. But as you dey Defecate, you go dey enter video wey dem go buy airtime, play am for dia national television.

Dis thing be new project wey dia security people don start for dia country to make sure say people nogo dey Defecate around dia local reservoir for dia State Karimnagar district wey dem dey call – Lower Manair Dam .

Di Lower Manair Dam water dem dey drink and na Karimnagar people dey drink am pass. If dem make people stop dey Defecate for di place, dem go start dey carry di water go other places. Na wetin one officer talk on Friday .

Person wey be dia Local police chief Kamalasan Reddy talk say, di scheme don start dey do better things wey concern di water.

Him talk am say,

“Di number of people wey dey shit for open place don reduce.

Wetin Indian people dey do be say, dem dey urinate ane dey Defecate like fowl for open place and Dis thing come be like say na dia culture

Dis Indian people still dey do am even wen dia government give money for toilets and better place wey person fit urinate.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi don talk sa, him no wan any person wey go Defecate or urinate outside again, say every house go get toilet by fire, by force for 2019



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