We don dey receive  plenty message , wey people dey ask how dem fit take make extra pay for this internet so, We know say plenty people dey confuse or no even sabi where to start from kpata-kpata, some self dey ask , dis internet business dey pure at all ? If you follow for this people wey dey find way, dem fit make clean pay online, then we get correct gist for you.

You see bah ! All those tush people wey dey online 24/7 no be only chat dem dey chat oh,  People wey sabi dey do one correct business dey get extra Pay steady dey go.

We don take our Time arrange, 6 CORRECT INTERNET BUSINESS WEY DEY PAY so you go fit put hand inside one or two , we know say you too follow us  like alert.

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT : No fear ! all na grammar, content development keh ? who content development  epp ? Biko Na just writing oh, if you fit write post for social media wey make sense, wey people like, then you fit make money. You see all dis plenty website/blogs wey dey for internet so, dem dey find people wey go write things give dem, Ready to carry dat ginger you dey take compose facebook post, write things wey go earn you money. Plenty correct website dey wey don position with plenty customers wey want make you write give dem, Website like , www.oyerr.com ,Freelancer , Fiverr. Other correct ogbonge website full ground wey you fit dey make money from.


E-COMMERCE: Biko ! You see that cake/chops wey you dey bake for one corner so, plenty people wey dey online need am, You see that orange juice you dey make, that beads/Wig, ankara slippers/shoe, Even you wey dey do furniture work or any handwork wey you get all, Plenty customers full for internet, You fit don dey ask how e fit work? No waste time , if you fit do download whatsapp put for phone , you fit sell your goods. Plenty Website like Konga, Payporte, Jumia  Even facebook sef, don build store wey you go fit showcase your products wey millions of people go see. No dull again, start to dey put your hand work online.

Language Translation: You sabi speak plenty language ? you sabi speak french , Spanish or even Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba, some people dey,  wey wan make you interpret or translate books, audio etc for dem, so dem fit reach people wey no hear language wey dem been use do the work.


Editing and Proofreading Service: You sabi say all d grammar wey we dey blow online so , and the Gbaugaun detector we dey form for twitter , we fit use am make money, Ginger your self , plenty customer full for internet wey dey find your hand work, the work dey pay wella. visit freelancer, fiverr or oyerr, go register.

Blogging: Una never hear say Aunty Linda Ikeji don buy house for Banana Island ? Blogging na correct business wey dey pay, If you get one part of dis life wey you don pick  sense, arrange am wella, write about am, put am online , plenty people dey wey wan read am, google go pay for, people go advertise , with time you too go blow as Aunty Linda don blow so.

IPROJECT CAMPUS REP: Na another ogbonge website wey dey pay be dis, You dey university or you dey leave around university campus ? you get business centre for campus ? or you sabi people wey dey find  PROJECT TOPICS & MATERIALS na one ogbonge website wey don make Project matter dey simple for student, you fit register to represent them for Campus , BECOME A CAMPUS RE so you fit  dey get discount for project wey go burst your brain. Calculate how many student go dey find project material, Calculate how much you fit make from one department and how many department una get within your school.



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