Members for State Houses of Assembly wey be say na All Progressives Congress (APC) dey control dem, don issue 21-day ultimatum give Federal Government say make dem re-arrest d wahala leader of d Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mr Nnamdi Kanu or make dem prepare to face nationwide protest.

As dem dey follow news people yan for Abuja, d lawmakers yan say dem no fit sidon dey look as Kanu wan take cause anoda civil war for we country. Dey talk say Kanu don yeye all him bail conditions and him don dey threaten peace and security for we country.

D lawmakers wey dey operate under d name, Democratic Youth Congress for Buhari 2019, don yan : 

“We don give Federal Government 21-day ultimatum to take arrest IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu or we go start to mobilise Naija people against am. Enough is Enough!!!

 “If dem no answer us, we go call for urgent general meeting of all d youth groups and tribal associations make dem for decide wetin we go do unto d matter.”


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