Islamic terrorists group don use Neymar and Messi pissure for Twitter take threaten dem.

D horrifying pic wey be sey dem photoshop show as one terrorists stand near Neymar wey bin kneel down with imm hand wey dem tie for back near one ISIS flag, dem kon follow show Messi wey be sey don die.

D tweet bin come from one pro-isis group wey be sey na one Iranian news site YJC kon share am. Dem kon write sey dis na ISIL’S threatening poster wey be sey na few months jes remain to d world cup for Russia 2018 and sey Messi don go down sey d next person na Neymar.

Dis new poster jes dey come after ISIS mouthpiece wafa media foundation bin don share one picture of Messi wey dey cry blood inside prison.

ISIS terror dey do dis one jes to put better fear for footballers heart onto to d world cup wey dey come for Russia next year wey dem go play for 11 cities.

Dem follow kon release photoshop pictures wey show one terrorist wey hold Ak47 stand dey look Luzhniki stadium for Moscow wey dem go play d world cup final for July 15 2018.



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