News agency ‘SITE Intel Group’ don report say d radical islamic sectarian groups wey dey connected to ISIS don threaten say dem go attack next summer World Cup for Russia. And dey don use Lionel Messi picture as dem hold am like prisoner and hin dey cry blood.

‘SITE’ report on Tuesday say na WAFA Media Foundation spread d picture, and dem dey think say dem get connections with d radical Islam sectarians and ISIS bin don use dem do some kind bad things before before.

No be d first time wey ISIS dey announce say dis World Cup wey dey come so na dia official target, as dem bin don release photo of one officer for caliphate wey be say gun and explosives full hin body and him bin dey watch over d Luzhniki Stadium for Moscow.

Messi go be be one of d stars for d next summer World Cup wey dey happen for Russia and ‘SITE’ don report say ISIS don make better use of d status wey hin get and him photo, make dem for put fear and terror inside d minds of all d footballing fans wey dey everywia for d world.

See d picture of Messi wey be Barcelona and Argentina star as he show up for d warning notice from d radical Islamic sects as em just turn am to prisoner wey dey don torture well sotey hin dey cry blood sef.



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