On Dec. 6, 2017, di Israeli Air force don declare dia first F-35 Lightning II jets, designated “Adir” (“Mighty One”) by Israeli, for Operation .

Dem talk am say,

“Why we declare di two squadron’s operational capability na based on say, e don occur for di time wey IAF dey operate on a large scale for number of fronts for war wey dem go dey fight , and for di matter wey concern di Middle East”, na wetin Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin, person wey be commander for IAF for dia an official blog talk.

Him talk am say,

“Di challenge wey dey face us now don dey complex everyday and we don give am better reply as we push our “Adir” aircraft to operation. Di “Adir” aircraft operation status don give better ground to IAFpower dis time .” 

Di Israel Army don receive 9 aircraft wey dem don push to operation for 140 Sqn (“Golden Eagle”) at Nevatim airbase. Dem receive di first two aircrafts on Dec. 12, 2016. Dem don choose five for assessment wey dem do to declare di fleet IOC.

Dem don start dey use dis -35 was wey de ground after dem suffer attack last month, wey dem dey think say e go be Syrian Air Defenses do am, as dem dey do air strike, but dem never know.

As di tori dey, di F-35 wey dem declare operational be U.S Marine Corps and U.S Air Force produce am . But di Italian Air Force, wey receive 8 F-35s so far, never declare dia IOC.


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