Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system don shoot down rocket wey dem shoot from Gaza  strip on top Jewish state, na wetin di Israeli army talk for him statement.

“No body get injury “.

Dis one na second time Gaza dey shoot rocket to Israel since US President Donald Trump make Jerusalem di Israel Capital  On Wednesday.

Him decision come shock people and Islamic community and Gaza’s Islamist Hamas rulers come call for a new intifada, or Palestinian uprising.

On Thursday, Israel come fire back with air strikes and tank fire into Gaza after dia military statement talk say na “ projectile” be di thing wey Gaza Fire for southern Israel.

Palestinian security officials talk say na two sites for Hamas posts be where di  hit happen.

Di Israel military talk say, na “two terror posts” wey di  hit come from and dem no identify dem, but talk say, na Hamas do di attacks as e come from dia place.




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