Israel don target Hamas after di Gaza gunfire. Israel tanks don dey shoot for Hamas position wey dey northern Gaza on Wednesday, na dia army talk am say ,dem target di area after militants way dey Palestinian area shot at dia soldiers.

Di gunshot way dem dey exchange anyhow for di east of Jabalia dey hapun after weeks of dia mass protests and clashes for di Gaza border, wey dey high on Monday wen 60 Palestinians die as Israeli forces bin shoot dem. Protests now don reduce.

As dem kom reply di gunfire, Israeli troops “target Hamas military post wey di Hamas terror organisation dey, and dem carry tank fire dem,” na wetin army talk for one statement, and no soldier die.

One Palestinian security source wey dey Gaza don confirm di target say na Hamas observation point, and him yan say, Israel attack no wound anybody.

Palestinians don already start dey do protest for di border since March 30 for wetin dem call di right of return. Di one dem do on Monday dey against di US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Di war wey dey around Israel’s creation in 1948, plenty pipo wey reach 700,000 Palestinians run comot dia homes.

Di protest come dey high on Friday as di Palestinians come increase to plenty thousands of pipo.

Small groups Waka go di border fence, dey throw stones, dey burn tyres and dey blow horns, and other pipo try to break Di fence.

Israel don face international criticism ,but dey tell dem say, dem shoot di pipo to protect dia border.

Israel and militants wey dey Gaza don fight three wars since 2008.



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