Israel don turn down negotiation with Palestine.

Israel defence minister Avigdor Lieberman talk on Monday say, no negotiations with Palestinians ontop Gaza situation.

Di mata dey hapun for West Bank.

Dis talk na based on say, Egypt and United Nation bin dey work to ceasefire between Gaza rulers Hamas and Israel.

Israel and Gaza don dey for war for months.

“I dey aware of all di negotiations and all di mediators and everything wey dey go on there,”

Him talk am for Jerusalem conference, for remark by him office.

“Di negotiations, no Mata wetin dem dey do on Ramallah or Gaza, nogo make us anywhere get negotiation with them”.

“All di negotiations don lead us to dead end, and we go act for Palestine mata — regarding Ramallah and Gaza.”

Month of tension don tey for di border and plenty military vex, dey scatter everything, but for weeks now peace dey.

Palestinian militants for Gaza and Israel don fight three wars since 2008.



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