Italy Prime Minister no wan boat wey carry African immigrants to land for dia country and dem reject UN talk on top di mata .

One ship wey rescue 629 migrants no get where to land for Mediterranean sea after Italy new interior minister no wan give dem permission to enter di country.

Matteo Salvini, wey be leader of di right-wing League, say make Malta accept di ship wey dey answer Aquarius, but dem reject him talk.

Malta say di German charity SOS Méditerranée carry di migrants for Libyan water, wey mean say na Italy suppose collect dem.

Italy na di main place migrants dey take enter Europe from North Africa.

Di League bin promise voters during Italy recent general election say dem go show migrants pepper.

Di Tori be say, dis migrants na for six different rescue operations dem pick dem for Libya water.

Di UN refugee agency wey dey for Italy bin ask di wey concern to “sharp sharp allow migrants and refugees wey dey di Aquarius to land safely and quickly”.


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