US don get face-off with Nigeria as Nigeria vote against Jerusalem as Israeli capital.

Na onlinenews wey be JEWS NEWS report am.

For the matter,United States President Donald Trump don vow to sink Nigeria and destroy the senseless leadership wey dey Nigeria, according to report by Jewish newspaper.

Before the vote last week, Trump been warn say, America go deal with any country wey go vote against Jerusalem.

Nigeria follow for the one of the many countries wey vote against Jerusalem based on say dem don register for Islamic community.

Based on wetin Israeli newspaper Jews News ( talk, Trump don put him blood come give  to impose punishments on top Nigeria as wetin dem wan use reply on how Nigeria vote against Jerusalem for the UN meeting.

For the report wey dem publish on Monday (today),wey dem titile: ‘AS E DON BEGIN: Trump MAJORLY Sanctions Nigeria ON TOP the Vote Against Jerusalem – WHO BE THE NEXT?’ na wetin the paper talk: “Dis matter dey happen based on the Statement wey dey point  clearly say ,Nigeria vote against Jerusalem and don make am threat to peace,and undemocratic Republic.


“Trump don talk am for tweet say, him don talk with Chinese leader ,Di Jumping about the thing wey Nigeria use provoke dem and don give sanction to Nigeria and also promise another punishment wey go bring Biafra.

For remark wey Trump give on Friday, as him talk am say,him go cut tax to countries wey vote against Israel for Missouri ,Him say,him go deal with the senseless leader of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari ,wey Trump been call ” SENSELESS MAN”,and “SICK PUPPY”. Na wetin trump talk.

Trump come talk again say,

” If war start  now based on saction wey we give Nigeria, we go use am destroy Nigeria and their leadership

Make no country help Nigeria again based on say, we go destroy dem”

Trump don discuss with Chinese leader, Di Jumping, against wetin Nigeria do,and tell dem say make dem cut  tiles with

Bible talk am say,any country wey go dey against Israel be goat country.


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