Palestinians people wey reach 31 don would for di fight wey Israel and Palestine dey fight for Gaza Strip and come cross enter West Bank, as dem dey protests against US President Donald Trump’s recognition on top Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

One person life dey bad well well.

Mr Trump’s announcement- Trump Don change di policy wey US get ssince.

Israel don send plenty hundreds  for extra troops go di West Bank as Palestinians go on strike and enter streets dey protest.

Dis people wey  dey protest dey burn tyres and dey sing dey waka up and down like fowl wey disentrty dey do, and di Israeli troops come fire tear gas, rubber bullets and live bullets to dis guys .

One rocket wey dem fire from Gaza Strip don Explode inside southern Israel while other rockets fell enter short, Israel’s army talk am.

As dem wan reply di attack , Israeli tank and an aircraft come target “two terror posts ” wey dey Gaza, na wetin di army talk and no wan give full gist

Plenty people wey be Washington friends, talk say dem no agree for di thing wey Trump do , and di UN Security Council and di Arab League go meet to decide dia reply.

As e dey, fear dey catch every person say dis one fit cause world war 111. Di Palestine Islamic Group don already call for new intifada, or uprising.


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