Sheikh Ahmad Adwan, wey introduce himself as Muslim scholar wey dey lives for Jordan, talk for him personal Facebook page say dat, “Palestine” no dey for Koran. Allah give Holy Land to di Children of Israel until di Day of Judgment (Koran, Sura 5 – “Di Sura of di Table”, Verse 21), and “Na we make di Children of Israel make dem be inheritors (of di land)” (Koran, Sura 26 – “Di Sura of di Poets”, Verse 59).

“I wan tell di people way dey destroy wetin dia lord talk for him book, way be Koran,where una bring di name Palestine from, all of una be liars, God curse una, when Allah don already call di land “Di Holy Land” and carry am give Children of Israel until di Day Judgment go come. Nothing dey like ‘Palestine’ for inside Koran. Wetin una dey find from Land of Israel be falsehood and e dey against Koran and na attack on koran, on di Jews and on top dia land. True true, una nogo succeed and Allah go fail una and suffer una well well, based on say Allah be di person wet go protect dem (i.e. Jews).”

Di sheikh add for him talk say: “Di Palestinians dey kill children, di old people  and women. Dem dey attack di Jews and dey use di (children, di old people and women) as dia human defence and dey hide behind dem, and dem no get mercy for dia children as if dem bile dia own children, based on say dem wan tell di public say Jews wan kill dem. Na wetin I see with my two eyes for 70’s, when dem attack di Jordanian army, wey bin cover dem and protect dem. Instead dem go thank  (Jordanian army), dem carry dia children come make dem (face) di Jordanian army, wey dem go use make di world believe say di army dey kill  dia children. Dis things na dia habit and custom, dia viciousness, do stone heart dem get  towards dia children, and dia lies dem tell di public opinion, make dem get dia support.

Di true talk be say, sheikh visit Israel and meet Jewish religious scholars. Di “Israel wey dey Arabic” site come do interview with him, and him talk di thing wey make am get reason for him openness for Jewish people and him talk am say di reason come from him “acknowledgment of dia sovereignty on top our land and my belief for di Koran, wey tell us did things and hammer am well well for many places, like Him (Allah’s) talk say ”Oh People (i.e di  Children of Israel), make una enter di Holy Land wey Allah don already give you people” (Koran, Sura 5 – “Di Sura of di Table”, Verse 21), and Him talk say“ Na We make di Children of Israel way be di inheritors (of di land)” (Koran, Sura 26 – “Di Sura of di Poets”, Verse 59) and many other verses.

Him (Adwan) talk again say: “(Jews) be peaceful people wey  love peace, wey dey friendly and dem no dey vex and dey kill, but if you attack dem, dem go defend demselves and go cause small damage for di people wey bin first attack dem. Na honour say,Allah choose dem for did l worlds – wey mean say dem dey over di people and di Jinns until di Day Judgment go come. Na me make reasons wet make Allah choose dem dey clear for my books and pamphlets. When Allah choose dem Him no doam based on politeness, and Him no dey unjust to other people,na based on say Jews deserve am”


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