Resident doctors wey dey Kaduna, don start indefinite strike on Tuesday, based on wetin dem call “Sorry State“, wey concern how dia healthcare facilities wey dey  hospitals dia government get, don destroy finish.

Person wey be Presido for di Association of Resident Doctors, Dr, Joseph Jokshan, wen him discuss with news people say, dia state government never rreply to wetin dem need for 21-days now.

Him talk say, na di silence wey State government dey for di matta, make start di strike, as dem nogo do anything for any hospital again for di “Sorry State “, except di state government change hospital equipment for Kaduna.

Jokshan don list wetin make dem go strike, as im include ; Poor funding, poor equipment, staff for hospital, and bad living environment where dia workers and patients dey stay, house officers salaries, and implementation of connected COMNESS.

Him tell di public to join dem make State government to do better things wey go bring good health for dem and dia people.



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