Lamborghini Don Give Pope Francis white motor wey dem use him name do on Wednesday, and come dey sell am to get money dem go give Charity as dem no wan give up di pope trademark-PopeMobile.

Di car dem dey call, Huracan Sport Car, wey dey run pass 610 metric horsepower, receive blessings from Pope and come sign him signature on top di bonnet. But dem carry am comot to sell am. .

Wetin dem dey sell dis motor na 200,000 euros ($237,000), but dis model — wey get gold stripes and gold-rim wing mirrors for homage to di pope gold-tipped stole — pass all of dem .

Di money dem wan use di car get go enter go dia four charitable projects, wey be di churches and homes for Christians wey Dey Nineveh Plains for Iraq dem wan build again.

Dem go also use di lamborghini money help Italian association victims wey some bad people dey use do prostitution and dey sell dem to other people and also go help two organisations wey dey active for Africa make dem use am help women and children.

Dis one no be first time dis man dey receive big gift like dis one, as him receive Harley Davidson motorbike and jacket in 2004,and him sell dem too to charity.

Di motor wey dis man like na bus.

Dis Pope wey dey like to dey relate with people don talk say him like him open Pope-mobile wey dey make am reach people for crowd.

Based on history, , popes dey waka, dey move around with “sedia gestatoria”, wey be dia ceremony car wey dey be red silk throne wey dem bin dey carry for shoulder till 20th century, wen him change to popemobile.



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