D 64 year old Stephen Paddock wey kill 59 people, kon wound 515 people bin kill himself too. Na as him shoot finish him kon take him own for him hotel room for Mandalay Bay resort.
Him suicide pic don leak. Him kon shoot himself for him chest and head. Him bin plan to escape after him shoot for 10minutes, but as him reason say no way for am to escape, him kon kill himsef.

And dey don reveal say e take d police 75minutes to enter him hotel room after d shooting stop.

Meanwhile, FBI bin don arrest him girlfriend after she return to the US from the Philippines.

Independent UK reports say dem catch Marilou Danley as she enter Los Angeles from Manila on Tuesday night.

As Philippines immigration spokeswoman, Antonette Mangrobang, talk am, she say Danley arrive Philippines on 25 September for flight from Hong Kong wey be almost one week before her boyfriend, Stephen Paddock, kill 59 people for music concert.

Dis matter now na d deadliest for d history of the United States.

If you no get mind, no scroll down o……………………
See d pic for hia…





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