Lagos State Government don come out on Wednesday talk sey dem don dey clear all dose tankers wey dey park illegally for Apapa nd Mile 2 area.

Dem talk sey dis one go make Apapa-Oshodi road to come free wella so dat traffic no go dey dey for d road again, so d movement go dey easier for all road users.

D General Manager of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) Mr Olawale Musa talk dis one after d inspection wey imm do for d road. Him also talk sey after all d meetings wey dey don get with stakeholders dem sey vehicles still dey park for d road..and sey Govt no go sitdon dey watch dah kind tin happen.

Him talk sey dey don set up task force wey comprise of Federal Road Safety Corps, Naija Navy, Naija Police Force, Naija security and civil defence corps and d Lagos State Traffic Management Authority. Hin still sey dia Chairmo go be Lagos State Commissioner of Police Edgal Imohimi.

Him sey dis task force go make sure sey all d illegally parked vehicles for all dose areas go comot and sey imm hope sey d task force go epp comot traffic for all dose roads dem.



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