Students wey dey Ebonyi State University, on Monday, don dey shout sey dia lecturers, don use dem finish, based on sey, dem wan give dem marks, to pass, and to graduate, comot go NYSC.

Dem yan sey, d lecturers, dey harass dem anyhow, anywhere, to pay 10,000 to 30,000, or d person go remove her clothes, for kerewa, before she go pass dia courses, and dem sey, even guys now, dey do kerewa, with female lecturers, before dem go pass dem courses.

Dis students, don carry d matta, go meet Daily Sun, don tell dem sey, lecturers, for EBSU, for Department of History, and International Relations, (No name), don go suspension, based on sey, dem dey force sstudents, dey do kerewa with dem before dem go see “D”, or “C”, for dem results.

Daily Sun, kom gather sey, plenty lecturers dey ask girls, and guys, to pay money, or dem do d thing with dem, before d students go pass.

D Students, yan sey, dem don see am, as culture, as dem dey pay, 10,000,to 30,000,before dem go see “C”, for dem results, for Ebsu.

Dem also, yan sey, lecturers dey ask for ask, before dem graduate dem. Sey, everything you wan do, for EBSU, you go decide for one-Sex, or Monday.

As d tori kom dey, Daily Sun, kom call d Vice-Chancellor, Prof, Francis Idike, and him sey, wetin dey hear, be true tok, as d school decide sey, make plenty of dem, comot, so dat, d school go dey betta. Him yan sey, dem just sack one of d lecturers,wey dey, Faculty of Education last week.

Him yan again sey,

“Dem plenty for d sex matta, in fact, we sack one lady last week based on sey, she dey ask for sex before she go pass anybody for d course wey she dey teach”


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