Ivory Coast president, Alassane Quattara don carry plenty people wey dey buy human from Libya go court. Dis one hapun based on di tori wey don full everywhere wey concern African people wey Libya dey sell give Sahara Desert.

News agency Reuters say di tori don show say Libya be country wey no get shame at all , and Europe wey bin dey put heart for Libya don stop to dey allow people to dey cross Mediterranean sea anyhow dey enter Europe.

Dis President talk say,

“I shock well-well. I think dis thing dey unacceptable, disgusting,”

Ivory Coast President talk am for France English TV Service.

“ICC suppose dey catch dis people wey dey sell people, as di wahala don dey too much sotay, African countries come dey withdrawn dia Ambassadors.

But di tori bin talk say, Libya president and him government dey investigate di matter wey concern di slave matter.

France don chook mouth for di human trafficking matter as dem talk say make UN do meeting and carry Army people go do something for di slavery matter wey Libya dey do, and e fit carry fine.

As di tori dey, plenty West Africans and UN Human Rights office don point finger dey give blame to Europe say na dem cause wetin dey hapun as dem dey tell Libya say make dem reduce plenty people wey dey enter dia place anyhow and dem no put eyes for di way Libya dey reduce am.

Ouattara talk say, make African countries do dia own work and stop small pikins to dey comot Africa anyhow dey put dia life for risk.

“Di matta be say, make Europe no fear, and make dem open dia mind dey allow African youths dey come dia place with papers, based on say, African youths fit make dia country dey good.


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