Nigerian government don bring back 242 Nigerian people from Libya last night and still dey plan to bring more back to dia country, based on wetin someone wey use him eyes see talk.

Nikki Laoye, wey bi Ambassador to National Commission for Refugees, Migrants & Internally Displaced Persons (NCFRMI) for Nigeria follow talk say dis no be di first time dem don rescue people and plenty people still dey come back to di country.

Laoye say even though na 239 dem dey expect to carry come back, some people join for Libya to make di number 242. And people wey young like 19 years dey among dem.

Dis one don hapun as Muhammadu BUHARI talk am for Abidjan say, di Nigerian people wey dey suffer slavery for Libya go come back soon.

Buhari bin dey speak to Nigerians wey dey oversea, as e dey attend di EU-Africa Summit wey be meeting of leaders from Europe and Africa. E promise to reduce di number of Nigerians wey dey try enter Europe illegally through di Sahara Desert and di Mediterranean Sea by giving dem education, healthcare, and food to see chop for home.

“Dis people don dey happy say Nigeria government don bring dem back and say na people deceive dem go keep for Libya and no wan help dem again

NCFRMI say different agencies don do registration for di people and dem don put dem for hotel where dem don provide food.

For di last 10 months, na 3,480 young don return from Libya under di arrangement.

As dey tori dey, video don dey show for social media, how Libya dey sell people anyhow for dia place wey make every country dey run go carry dia own people.

Since then, many people don call on African leaders and government say, make dem chook eyes for di matter and stop di nonsense.


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