One London crown court don sentence 5 Naija people go different jail terms onto d £610,000 wey dem tiff from business bank accounts.

According to reports, Victor Oke, 39, of Galleons Drive, Barking, bin use stolen data wey Desmond Uyiosa Abifade, 25, of Henniker Road, Stratford, give am to take act as fake ompany directors via telephone banking.

As Oke just gain access, him kon divert all d funds go one beneficiary account wey Moses Kuye wey dey 28 years bin dey monitor.

When dem come need female voice to take run d business, na imm Melinda Mensah Oke wey dey 37years come enter while Arinola Kuye wey dey 27years, kon dey act as dia group money launderer.

Na after HSBC fraud investigators bin notice dem na imm dey catch dem before dem kon transfer d case go dedicated card and payment crime unit make dem investigate.

Police people kon dey able to know where and when dem make d call make dem for identify d phone wey dem use and d people wey use am.

Dem kon charge dem with conspiracy to commit fraud wey be sey dem plead not guilty to.

Na so dey sentence Oke to four years in prison while dem kon send Moses and Kuye go 3 years for jail.

Mensah Oke kon receive fourteen month suspended sentence while Abifade kon get two year suspended sentence.

Dem kon give Arinola Kuye 12 months community order and sey she must complete 50 hours of work without pay.

DC Dave cassette wey dey in charge of d investigation talk sey dem plan dis fraud wella to take dupe two companies.

Police for London no dey use dis kind case play and dem dey take am seriously to take send better msg to oda people wey get am for mind.

Police people later carry all d money go give back d people wey get am.



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