Person wey be Senior Advocat for Nigeria, Dr. Olisa Agbakoba,don tell Federal High Court for Abuja say, make dem collect Ministry for Petroleum office wey Buhari dey  hold from Buhari.

Di SAN don use  Section 138 of the 1999 Constitution challenge Buhari for di office wey him dey hold, and still dey hold another executive office wey dem dey pay am again

As di tori dey, di SAN, talk say, nobody wey resemble Senate people, screen Buhari for di position wey him dey claim as constitution talk say, Senate go screen di person first


Agbakoba tell Court say, make dem use  Section 147(2)  for di 1999 Constitution judge Buhari as president suppose not hold di  Minister for Petroleum resources office without confirmate from Senate Assembly,


Him talk say, as person wey don dey for law work for 40 years experience and don check constitution well, him dey convince say, buy Buhari nogo legally hold di office for di Ministry of Petroleum Resources, and talk say make court put mouth, after him begged them

For 14-paragraph affidavit, wey im personally use support him suit, Agbakoba talk say, di lawsuit na based on  management crisis wey dey between person wey be Minister for State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, and di Group Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Dr. Kaikanti Baru.

senior advocate don talk say.

“I believe well well say, di governance wahala for NNPC no suppose hapun if nobe say, president no be di Minister of Petroleum Resources also.

“I dey aware say, NNPC don provide up to 90 per cent revenue wey dey comot for Nigeria.

“I dey worried say, di crisis wey dey NNPC go reduce revenue for Nigeria generating capacity and go affect di revenue distribution to federal, state and local governments in Nigeria. Dis one go affect development and go affect any person for where im dey, even people for my State, Anambra State and Lagos”

“I don look for Section 138 for 1999 Constitution and I verify and believe say, di matta don already disqualify Presido, Buhari for di  Petroleum Ministry im be and  Minister for him tenure


“I know say, President no go through nomination process and confirmation wey Senate go prepare, before him go hold di Ministry for Petroleum resource


“I look again for Section 147(2) for 1999 Constitution and I verily and  believe say, e no allow anybody to hold di office without Senate confirmationn”

Person wey dey respond for di case be Attorney General for di Federation.

Di court dey plan to fix another date for dia hearing. .


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