Nigeria president don put order for ground say make police and di army ‘stop di madness’ for central Plateau state, after 20-people don die for di clash wey happen for di area, early dis week.

Di Tori be say na some – herdsmen wey dey gather cow and come from di Fulani tribe – dem dey suspect as people wey do di killings, and di fight na over who get right to use land.

“Di people wey attack dem plenty and dem no only shoot their victim but dem come use explosive join,” na wetin dia mouthpiece for di state Special Task Force, Salisu Mustapha, talk.

Dis attack on top Christian farmers, no respect di curfew wey di state governor bin give on Friday, wey suppose reduce di vex-vex wey dey between di two communities.

Di  statement talk say:

“President Muhammadu Buhari don dey vex well- well, as im hear di tori say dem kill at least 20 people for Plateau state, for wetin be like revenge attack by some herdsmen.”

“Dis madness don go too far; (Buhari) don instruct di military and di police say make dem no only end di kill-kill now now, but to make dem do plan wey go make sure say dis kind attack, by one group against di other, no happen again,” na im di presidency statement add put.

For Plateau state, tension dey always high, sotay more than 10,000 don die since 2000; dis na according to sabi people wey dey follow di matter.


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