Person wey be Presido, for BREAST CARE INTERNATIONAL, Dr, Wiafe-Addai don tell men say, make dem dey handle women breast with care as e dey fragile for women body

As she talk am for dia  celebration Breast Cancer Awareness celebration month in October wey dem dey do every month,  Wiafe-Addai tell Starr-Fm morning show person, Francis Abban say,

“As e dey, people don dey talk say, if man dey suck woman breast, e go make am no get breast cancer, but true true, na lie”

“E no dey true say, as you dey suck woman Breast, e go make am no get breast cancer. Di truth be say, make women wey give birth dey give dia pikin breast to take, based on say, e get good effect for breast, and dey reduce cancer “

” Adult nogo dey suck woman breast, and dey claim say, e go stop breast cancer. Breast no be mango, and e no be Orange too, wey you go dey squeeze to get di water”

Wetin Wiafe-Addai dey tell men be say, make dem no dey suck suck, and dey press press women breast, say, breasts no be orange wey go give dem vitaminC and no be mango. E dey make woman breast dey slack, dey loose, and nogo get alignment again.


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