Person wey bin be National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd), on Tuesday tell  Federal High Court for Abuja say, make dem  suspend and adjourn di trial dem dey do am. 

Di trial na based on say, dem talk say im get illegal firearms, and don do money laundering. 

As dem dey argue di application with Justice Ahmed Mohammed, Dasuki  counsel, Mr. Ahmed Raji (SAN), ask court say, make dem adjourn di trial indefinitely,and wait till wen dem go hear di matta and determination for ex-NSA motion for proceedings wey dem submit before di Court of Appeal, Abuja.

Raji talk say, im client no dey ask for order for stay on di proceedings, wey section 306 for Administration for Criminal justice Sct, 2015,don stop already, but say, di dem submit di application based on section 305 for ACJA, wey him argue say, make dem adjourn di matta constitutional issue wey dey come up from di trial, as dem don carry am give higher court make dem dem decide. 

Him don file di case based on  ruling wey  Justice Mohammed do on June 15, 2017, talk say, make di prosecutor allow witness to confess through secret place. 

Raji talk say, 

 “For di cause of di proceedings, big constitutional matta don arise as dem dey protect dey cover witness and e dey against constitution and di defendant don carry go court of appeal. 

Di notice for di appeal, Exhibit C wey be wetin dem dey use dey refer something for di matta don dey, especially for ground 3,and talk say dem don submit , Section 232(3)(b) for ACJA, wey dem go use testify against section 36(4) wey dey for 1999 constitution. 

For dis case, make di court adjourn di matta indefinitely 

Him talk say, him client don submit paper for court of appeal make dem stay on di proceedings on top di trial and add say, anything wey higher court talk be wetin lower court go accept and do for di motion wey do hang. 

Him talk say, 


Na based on say,we wan avoid fait compli on court of appeal”


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