Mr Obinna Akaleme wey be husband to Chinyere Akaleme, him follow be farmer/chef and kitchen assistant don beat him wife,  Chinyere Akaleme (Nee Igbo)  and her day old pikin to death based on say, she no wan give am money.

Fajiro Oliver wey post d tori for Facebook, tok say, Mr Obinna Akaleme don dey beat him wife since him marry am in 2012, wey don make Chinyere lose four babies for four years. Dis kom dey disturb her parents, as dem kom decide sey, she go kom dem house, kom stay, for safety.

As she kom carry anoda belle, her parents kom carry her go house. As d belle kom reach 8 months, d husband kom visit her by 10am for her papa place, so that him go carry her go back to him house.

As she kom agree, follow him husband go house, for night, her husband kom ask her for money.  As she no wan give am anyone, kasala kom burst.

D kasala kom make Obinna beat am very well on top for her 8 months belle, kom lock her inside house, switched off him phone, make anyone no call am.

By 4pm,him kom enter him house, see,  see sey him wife dey die, and him kom rush am to hospital, and Doctor kom confirm sey, chinyere don die.

Obinna wey be d husband kom go tell Chinyere papa, sey chinyere don die.

If na you, wetin you go do?



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